Lager drinkers upset as chef axes top tipple

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A MUCH-LOVED Suffolk pub hit the national headlines this week after it stopped serving a well-known brand of lager.

The Angel, in Lavenham, owned by celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, stopped serving Fosters and has replaced it with bottled Suffolk lager and local cider on tap.

The change catapulted the pub into the news after it was reported locals had abandoned the pub because they felt unwelcome.

Rod Benson, 42, a landscape gardener who has lived in the village for 30 years, said: “My view of the place is that local people have been, not barred, but pushed out of their local pub.

“We have the Swan Hotel and the Great House in Lavenham to go to for a special night, we didn’t need another place like that to compete with them.

“I feel we have been labelled, we don’t all have to be hoodies or louts just because we like drinking lager.

“Lavenham Cricket Club has been going to the Angel for years and many of them like a lager, you couldn’t say they were hoodies.

“A lot of us are really big foodies but Marco seems to serve what he wants to serve and not what the regular man wants.”

White took over the pub earlier this year after the previous owners went into receivership.

Tristan McEwen, manager of the Angel, said the story had been blown out of proportion and that it was a small minority of people who disliked the changes.

He said: “We still do Aspall bottles and we are going to have some really nice local ciders on tap.

“We also are going to serve local Suffolk lagers by the bottle.

“Some of the locals are not happy with it, but 90 per cent like the changes. There are a few people who are upset by the change but we have to cater to as many people as we can. We have refurbished the restaurant and exposed some of the lovely old beams and have a fantastic new menu.”