‘Keep politics off Bury St Edmunds market’

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Community newsdesk: 01284 757857
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Market traders in Bury St Edmunds say they are in favour of any council plans which would prevent political parties or pressure groups taking stalls.

The use of the market will be debated at the council’s cabinet meeting next month.

Eleanor Rehann, from the Fawcett Society which champions women’s rights, said the matter was on their radar but was awaiting fuller details to emerge. It felt the market area should allow people to express views, regardless of politics.

The issue comes at a time when more people are seeking stalls on the market.

The town’s first youth market, which attracted a dozen young stallholders was held earlier this year and the council’s market development officer, Sharon Fairweather, will be discussing potential new ideas with the College of West Anglia at the start of the new term.

Darren Old, the Market Traders Federation Bury branch chairman, said it had been discussing the matter with the council and was in favour of keeping the area for use for the sale of goods and not taken up by any political parties or pressure groups. The market is regaining its popularity.