Judge raps drug user for growing cannabis with children in house

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A judge ticked off a drug user for growing cannabis when he had children in the house.

District Judge Celia Dawson heard at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court that father of three Craig Michael Davidge was only growing the drug for his own use.

She told him: “I appreciate you were doing it because it was cheaper than buying it, but you were setting up a cannabis factory in your home to which children had access. They’re not stupid, they know what’s going on.”

Davidge, 34, of Exeter Way, Thetford, had previously pleaded guilty to producing cannabis and possessing 166.28gm of cannabis resin and a CS gas incapacitant spray.

Rosalind Cappleman, prosecuting, said police were executing a warrant to search Davidge’s home in October when he was seen to drop two cannabis plants out of a rear window. They also found leaves drying in an airing cupboard, a bag of ‘green herbal matter’, a block of cannabis resin, a hydroponic growing kit, three young cannabis plants and a CS can.

She said Davidge told police the plants were his first crop and that he had bought the resin some months previously. He told them the CS gas was given to him by a friend after he had been burgled.

Sally Dale, defending, said since October Davidge had joined a drug rehabilitation project and greatly reduced his drug use.

Judge Dawson sentenced him to a community order for a year with a supervision requirement. The drugs, equipment and CS can were to be forfeited and destroyed.