Jobs at risk as national gym chain ‘restructures’

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SIX FITNESS coaches on Moreton Hall are facing possible redundancies as a result of a ‘restructuring’ within their nationwide gym chain employer.

As many as three full-time and three part-time jobs are thought to be at risk at LA Fitness, in Easlea Road.

But the company says some are likely to be offered new roles in areas such as front of house and sales.

There is also the possibility of them retraining as personal trainers and becoming self-employed but that would require them to pay the gym hundreds of pounds for using its facilities, leading to staff labelling the change a ‘cost-cutting’ exercise.

A spokeswoman for the chain said that it was currently in consultation with the employees concerned and planned to reallocate staff, where possible, by the end of the year, in time for a peak in membership expected in January.

Staff say they were told of redundancies on Friday and have not yet been offered new positions.

The LA Fitness spokeswoman added: “We are creating over 500 new roles in expert fitness service management, specialist front of house, personal training and sales to enable us to increase our investment in free gym floor tuition, our group fitness timetable, and at the same time rolling out a significant investment in online member support and extensive employee 
training and benefits programme.

“This restructure of the club teams has come about in an effort to meet the changing demands of the market, following significant feedback from research and from our member surveys.”

She added: “The net effect is that some 350 employees made up of part time and full time coaches, will be consulted with a view to a change of role, but we are confident that the new roles being created will ensure that there will be an opportunity for the majority of them to stay with and 
to progress within the business.”

It is understood that from October 1, classes at the gym, usually taught by the fitness coaches, will only be taught by freelance instructors.