Hundreds of homes without water after burst water main in Bury St Edmunds

Community newsdesk: 01284 757857
Community newsdesk: 01284 757857

Around 700 homes were left without water on Saturday after a water main burst in Rougham Hill, Bury St Edmunds.

A spokesman for Anglian Water said it happened at around 7pm and left around 700 properties without water for ‘a little over an hour and a half’ while its engineers isolated the mains and closed a valve either side to prevent water escaping.

Residents have complained of ‘white, cloudy water’ but the company spokesman said this was ‘absolutely nothing to worry about’.

He said it would have been caused by air getting into the water supply but should all now be gone as engineers carried out repairs this morning and ‘flushed the air pockets out’.

Anyone still getting cloudy water is advised to leave it in a glass for two minutes to allow the air to dissipate.