Housing fears prompt action from Lakenheath groups

News from the Bury Free Press
News from the Bury Free Press
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Concerns of a piecemeal developer-led approach to the expansion of Lakenheath have initiated a threat of legal action.

Lakenheath Parish Council supported by Lakenheath Action Group sent a letter threatening judicial review to Forest Heath District Council last week.

Ian Smith, vice-chairman of Lakenheath Parish Council, said: “We have had to take these steps because we feel people are not taking notice.

“People are very concerned about it. It’s not that we are against development but we have to make sure it’s right.

“It has to be done in a systematic way and it has to enhance the village not just line the pockets of developers.”

Four applications that could see up to 1,057 homes built in the village are awaiting determination.

The council threatened legal action if an application for 67 homes in Briscoe Way was approved. The decision was later deferred.

Lakenheath Action Group, which supported the threat, has been formed to voice residents’ concerns.

A spokesperson said: “Development must be phased and sustainable. It cannot be done in a piecemeal way without regard to health services, education or roads.

“A judicial review is a tool of last resort that will be deployed if we feel we have been pushed into a corner. We have to fight for what’s best for our community.”

Suffolk County Council also asked for the Briscoe Way decision to be postponed, to allow for discussions about education provision.

Lakenheath Primary School is at capacity with no room for expansion at the site.

A county council spokesperson said: “It’s vital that there are sufficient local school places to cope with the increase in population.

“We have asked that the decision is postponed until after we’ve met with Forest Heath District Council to consider carefully any proposed developments in the area going forward.”