Help needed to save Lakenheath social hub

LAKENHEATH''Pictured: Brisith Legion
LAKENHEATH''Pictured: Brisith Legion
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Lakenheath residents have been called upon to help keep the Royal British Legion Club a social facility for the village’s residents.

The club house, which closed last August, has been put up for sale by the Royal British Legion.

Lakenheath Village Hall Committee has proposed purchasing the building to ensure it remains a community facility.

Residents are asked to come and show their support for the proposal at a meeting to be held on October 17.

Committee chairman Brendan Fulham said: “At the meeting what I want them to do is really sign on.

“To say yes we want to retain it for the village and future generations.

“It’s such an asset that we really want to save.”

Mr Fulham said the building was needed by the village’s many clubs and organisations who require meeting and storage space.

Lakenheath Silver Band was left searching for practise space following the club’s closure last year.

Secretary Daphne Austin said: “I would give anything to see the Legion open again.

“It was just a lovely place you knew you could take your children and you knew it was a comfortable place to go.”

A Community Right to Bid has been placed on the club giving Lakenheath residents six months to raise the money required to make an offer to purchase the building.

The right to bid scheme does not give community bids precedence.

Mr Fulham said the Lottery Fund has expressed an interest in donating up to £100,000.

If support for the scheme is shown a steering group will be formed to raise further funds.

Mr Fulham said it is important this group is able to represent all ages to ensure the facility will serve all in the local area.

If the purchase is successful the group will go on to determine how the Royal British Legion Club and Village Hall can be joined to best serve the needs of the village.

The meeting will be held on October 17 at Lakenheath Village Hall at 7.45pm.