Help create book tree at Bury St Edmunds Library by naming favourite book or author

Bury St Edmunds Library
Bury St Edmunds Library
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Library-goers in Bury St Edmunds are being encouraged to showcase the roots of their literary passions by helping to create a book tree.

Bury Library, in Sergeant’s Walk, wants to know the name of people’s all-time favourite book or author and has teamed up with the Bury Free Press for the initiative.

You can write the name on a leaf in this Friday’s Bury Free Press, cut it out and bring it into the library to be added to a specially created tree.

The tree is being developed to mark World Book Day next Thursday (March 6) and is designed to help literary enthusiasts display their love of the written word - be it poetry or prose.

The tree will be on display throughout March and there will be a number of events at the library which focus on reading and writing.

Children can get a free token from any library in Suffolk which entitles them to a £1 World Book Day book, which are available from various shops.

Bury Library has also launched a new Bookstart Book Group to encourage parents and children to read a popular children’s book together at home before taking part in an interactive reading session at the library.