Serco and Bromley Healthcare sign partnership deal and will work to improve Suffolk community health

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The organisation which provides community healthcare in Suffolk has announnced that it has signed a partnership agreement with a south east London healthcare organisation.

Serco, which runs community health under the umbrella of Suffolk Community Healthcare, has linked up with Bromley Healthcare, the employee owned social enterprise which provides community nursing in Bromley.

The announcement has come just days before Suffolk County Council looks at Serco’s operation at tomorrow’s Suffolk County Council health scrutiny comittee. There are concerns that the community equipment service is not up to standard.

Serco took over community healthcare in the county in October 2012 in a £140million contract signed by NHS Suffolk. It provides services ranging from district nursing, providing medical equipment and looking after people in their own homes through individual care packages for social and health care.

An announcement this week says that Serco and Bromley healthcare will start work immediately to further improve the quality of community healthcare in the county, with Bromley Healthcare acting in an advisory capacity and supporting clinical leadership.

In the long term Serco and Bromley healthcare will join forces to bid for a range of opportunities in community services and integrated care across the UK.

Councillors will discuss a report from Serco on its performance as well as evidence showing delays in the provision of equipment such as hoists, commodes and walking frames which patients often need on discharge from hospital.

The provider has however reduced the length of time people stay in the county’s community hospitals.

Cllr Alan Murray, Suffolk cabinet member for health, said in last week’s Bury Free Press: ”To meet the health and social care of our people we do need an excellent service from our providers and if we have not not that then we need to asky why and what can be done to improve the situation.”