Headteacher of Bury St Edmunds school pushes for legal challege of GCSE English grading debacle

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The headteacher of a Bury St Edmunds school is meeting with education leaders today to discuss a legal challenge over the GCSE debacle.

Geoff Barton, head at King Edward VI School said: “This is about justice.” .

He was speaking as its emerged that just one in 14 pupils are to resit the English GCSE exams next month.

Grading changes meant some pupils who would have got a C in English last year, got a D grade this summer.

“Some pupils will have given up, some will have got on their course anyway because colleges and sixth forms have quite rightly accepted them on with a D grade.

“But this is about the long term impact because those students will have to go through life with a D grade and if they ever wanted to become a teacher they would have to resit,” Mr Barton said.

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