Headlines from the past

Nostalgia for Laura.
Nostalgia for Laura.

These headlines appeared in the Bury Free Press on this week in years gone by.

10 years ago:

Poor access between the redeveloped Cattle Market in Bury St Edmunds and the existing town could act as a ‘Berlin Wall’ and hamper the success of the scheme, it was claimed. Concerns were raised at the annual meeting of the Bury Chamber of Commerce where many feared two ‘gateways’ in St Andrew’s Street, providing links between the town centre and new development, would not be wide enough. James Hogg, of James Hogg Estate Agents, said: “It is the Berlin Wall of Bury. It just separates the two - East Bury and West Bury.” But Nick Martin, town centre manager, said he believed stores like Boots and Woolworths would create a second ‘front’ entrance to St Andrew’s Street.

25 years ago:

Anxious residents had won a temporary reprieve in their fight over a new sports and recreation area at Nowton park. St Edmundsbury Borough Council’s planning committee postponed a decision on the scheme until the views of County Surveyor Jeffrey Stansfield, on the controversial access arrangements, were known.

50 years ago:

Bury novelist Norah lofts made a protest against performing animals whilst being interviewed about her latest book, The House At Sunset, on Anglia TV. Her outburst was directed against the showing of a performing circus bear in the same programme in which she appeared - About Anglia.