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News Nostalgia
News Nostalgia
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These headlines appeared in the Bury Free Press on this week in years gone by.

10 years ago:

Millionaire landowner Lord Iveagh was planning to open his own micro-brewery. Known more affectionately as Ned Guinness, the self-confessed beer lover had successfully obtained planning permission for a new brewery, which was to be set up in some disused buildings on his Elveden Estate.

25 years ago:

Mildenhall Upper School was asking for people’s support with a £15,000 business venture. It had been running a farm for about nine years but, because of a new GCSE farming course, that farm needed to be moved and upgraded. Nick Berry, the school’s head of craft and design technology, said the farm - which had calves, pigs, lambs and chickens - needed to be centred around one building, rather than spread around several separate buildings. He said the farm was ‘almost entirely self-financing’ and had produced a model of what it would look like after the move. Meanwhile, a group of pupils were creating a video to encourage people to invest in it.

50 years ago:

A Bury St Edmunds man who opened a car door and knocked a cyclist off his bike was fined £1 by a court. The 24-year-old clerk, of Southgate Street, Bury, pleaded guilty to interrupting the free passage of the highway. In a statement, he said he had opened the door without looking behind him.