Have-a-go hero pensioner who foiled sledgehammer gang in Bury St Edmunds to feature in BBC One show

Michael Graver - have a go hero who foiled armed raid at Thurlow champness  is now on a BBC One programme.
Michael Graver - have a go hero who foiled armed raid at Thurlow champness is now on a BBC One programme.
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A have-a-go-hero who foiled a raid by a sledgehammer wielding gang is to feature in a BBC One programme on Monday night.

Michael Graver confronted the gang and snatched a bag containing £23,000 worth of watches from them as they made their escape.

Mr Graver, 73 on Sunday, had been out shopping with his wife Penny when the raid happened at Thurlow Champness jewellers in Abbeygate Street, Bury St Edmunds, back in February 2011.

Five men were jailed in July last year for a total of 36-years over the raid.

Nearly two and a half years after the incident, Mr Graver said he would do it all again.

“I think being right in the heart of it I had to act. Yes, I would do it again,” he said.

“The only regret I had thinking about it afterwards was Penny was on her own.

“Perhaps I should have thought more about her but in the heat of the moment you don’t think.”

The retired international salesman said he felt he had to act after one of the scooters narrowly missed his wife and hemmed them in.

Another man, shop assistant Mark Baker, was hit on the hand with a sledgehammer as he tried to stop the raiders from getting away.

Mr Graver said: “I can remember standing in the doorway of the jewellers afterwards with the bag of watches in my hand and I suddenly realised it meant police statements and all the things that come afterwards.

“I think my friends and family were a bit shocked but more bursting with pride – they have all been emailing to say watch next week’s programme.”

Both Mr Graver and Mr Baker were commended by a judge last year.

Mr Graver said he was ‘trying to forget about it’, when he was approached by new BBC One show Fightback Britain.

“They came and filmed us in April. We have not seen it yet,” said Mr Graver.

“We will probably watch it – but will be half covering our eyes at the same time.”

Fightback Britain is on BBC One at 8.30pm on Monday.