Half street drinkers English

Half the people who drink in the street in Thetford are English, according to a group that is trying to tackle the issue.

Workers from the alcohol charity, NORCAS, said assumptions about Eastern Europeans making up the majority of street drinkers were not true.

Since June, police have spoken to 116 people on 34 patrols in Thetford town centre and found 58 of those questioned were English.

Social drinking was identified as being the main cause for the problem.

Pc Keith Kenny, of Thetford Police, said: “Most people drinking in the street in Thetford are social drinkers who drink outside for reasons of cost, choice of companions and lack of space at home.”

Robyn Challis, from Keystone Development Trust, which is supporting the police, said: “It seems that there may be a need for a low cost place for people to spend time and socialise during the day - we would welcome hearing people’s suggestions or ideas.”

To contact Ms Challis, call 01842 757352 or email robyn.challis@keystonetrust.org.uk