Growing up in a 1930s village

Horringer in the 1930s was a place of distinctive characters and cheeky young girls - a new book can reveal.

Penny a Look, Tuppence a Feel, by Barry Baddock is a collection of stories rooted in the memories of his mother and three of her sisters.

Barry said: “When I moved to Bury five years ago, the four sisters were all living there too. I realised that this was a unique opportunity to gather their memories of a world that has almost passed into oblivion.

“My work was made easy by their enthusiasm. Whenever I got them around a bottle of Baileys with my notepad and an old photograph or two, they was no holding them!”

The four women grew up in the village and the characters in the fictitious stories are taken from or inspired by their memories.

The title of the book is taken from a chant boys used to sing at girls.

Barry’s auntie Molly Baldwin said: “We look back and it was a great time. There were a lot of characters in that village.”

The book is available on Amazon.