Group promotes grass roots folk music around Bury St Edmunds

Dave B Colour
Dave B Colour

A new group has formed to promote the best of grass roots folk music through a range of events in and around Bury St Edmunds.

The Bury Folk Collective is based at Oakes Barn, in St Andrew’s Street South, where it runs two kinds of evenings.

Acoustic nights feature traditional singers, songwriters and musicians who work within the folk idiom.

Oakes Barn also hosts evenings focusing on American old time and bluegrass music.

The Collective uses larger venues for performance nights featuring local artists - alternating between Unplugged acoustic nights and Wired Folk nights with a PA and professional sound enginerring.

People can join the Collective on payment of £5 for life membership with news such as gig dates and notes of interest mailed to members regularly.

Currently, the Collective appears at the Constitutional Club and Oakes Barn but from March onwards will hold all their events at Oakes Barn.

Today there will be a local artists night at the Consitutional, an unplugged night at the Constitutional on Feb 14 and old time and bluegrass at Oakes Barn on Feb 19.