Group pledges to help its library

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A GROUP has formed to ensure Mildenhall Library survives to inspire generations.

At its inaugrual meeting, the Friends of Mildenhall Library decided to form a group to safegaurd the library and help it grow.

Tom Caple, who organised the meeting, said: “I have always seen it as more than a place where you keep books and computers and DVDs it is very much something around which a community can gather.

“Mildenhall is a historic town, it’s got a long history and its future lies as much in our hands as in anybody elses.”

Suffolk Libraries Industrial and Provident Society (IPS) took over the day-to-day running of the county’s libraries on August 1.

Sylvia Knight, who sits on the board of the IPS, attended the meeting to advise the group how it could support the library.

She said in future years the funding given by Suffolk County Council could leave a £100,000 short-fall and that groups set up in support of the county’s libraries may play a role in plugging the deficit.

At the end of the meeting, the decision to form the Friends Of Mildenhall Library was unanimous.

Mr Caple said that, as well as fund-raising, the group would look to support the library in holding events and expanding its services, as well as cavassing local people to find out what they want from their library.

Denise Gray, manager of Mildenhall Library, said she was pleased with the interest shown by the local community and hoped that, with their support, the library would be able to expand the services it offers and hold more events.

The group will now plan a meeting to establish as a formal organisation and appoint members to positions.

If you are interested in joining The Friends of Mildenhall Library, contact Tom Caple on 01638 716474 or