Green Party leader backs 20mph limits

Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, visits Stowmarket.
Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, visits Stowmarket.
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Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett visited Stowmarket on Saturday to lauch the party’s Suffolk County Council campaign.

Central to the party’s policies will be the pursuit of 20mph speed limits.

Ms Bennett said: “I lost my mother in a car accident several years ago. So I know how important it is to make the roads where we live safer.

“We want roads and villages that work for people so people can walk and cycle safely and feel comfortable in the village.

“It’s a big issue not just for safety but for health.”

She said Green Party councillors would use their influence to build strong local economies built around small businesses and co-operatives.

Waste was also highlighted as a ‘big issue’. The Green Party’s policy is to increase recycling and explore waste disposal methods that could create jobs and make the environment more pleasant.

The party is looking to build support as disgruntled voters turn away from the main parties.

Ms Bennett said: “What we are seeing is Green Party support is spreading what we have found across the country is new branches of the party are opening up.”

She said the party offers a ‘genuine’ alternative.

“We are always happy when other parties steal our policies in 2010 we were saying multi-national companies must pay their taxes.

“That was seen as quite radical at the time, now you have David Cameron saying that,” she said.

The Green Party will field 51 candidates in May’s elections.

The party currently has two county councillors.

She said: “Vote Green for strong economies, decent jobs and a fairer society.

Nigel Rozier will stand for Stowmarket North and Stowupland, while Linda Baxter will stand for Stowmarket South and Central.

Natalie Bennett will be visiting Bury St Edmunds on April 25.