Free school head hits out at bloggers’ sacking claims

Sherry Zand, IES Breckland principal
Sherry Zand, IES Breckland principal

The head of a free school has hit out at ‘inaccurate information’ put out by bloggers about staff changes.

Bloggers claimed IES Breckland School in Brandon had sacked six staff, suggesting some had been there since the school opened last year.

But today principal Sherry Zand said: “The true facts are that three supply teachers — as in, not our staff — have been asked not to return and three new staff on probationary contracts have not been made permanent.

“Decisions always have to be made for the best interests of the children and their education.”

She said all were people who had only started work there this year.

With recent reports of other free schools employing unqualified staff, she stressed all were qualified teachers. “We’ll never employ unqualified staff,” she said. “That’s a promise we made and we’ll stick by that.”