Film FX firm hit by bus changes

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A COMPANY, which produces special effects (FX) materials for Hollywood blockbusters, has been hit by bus service cuts.

Mouldlife Ltd, in Bury St Edmunds, is being ‘paralysed’ with staff unable to get into work on time after two Stagecoach bus services were scrapped.

Three staff relied on the service 11 from Newmarket to start their shift at 7am but now arrive into Bury at 8.45am following the reduction.

They also have to leave work a few minutes early after the last bus departure was moved from 6.15pm to 5.35pm.

Bosses say the move could affect growth at the Western Way firm, which has supplied prosthetic materials for films and TV shows such as Harry Potter, Doctor Who and X-Men.

General manager Julian Ferries said: “I’m so angry. These three members of staff are mission critical. We send a lot of goods internationally. They turn the goods out the door and have a lot of experience.

“It will reduce our growth and it won’t allow us to respond to the requests we get. It’s paralysing us.”

The expanding company, which also has a hand in the composites industry, has been based in Bury for about a year after moving from Kentford, near Newmarket.

Mr Ferries added: “We need the infrastructure to be able to get staff to work.”

Bosses at Stagecoach said the cuts were a result of Cambridgeshire County Council axing bus subsidies and the Government reducing the Bus Service Operators Grant by 20 per cent.

Andy Campbell, managing director of Stagecoach East, said: “We had to review all of our services across the county to make sure the revenue we took covered our operating costs. Unfortunately with this service the number of people travelling on it wasn’t covering its costs. We’re trying to provide the best level of service on a commercial basis.”