Fight to turn mud into parking space is on the verge of success

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Newsdesk: 01284 757857
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A disabled man’s four month fight to get a muddy verge outside his home made safe for parking may be coming to an end.

Darren Mitchell, who has had a bone condition all his life, often has to park on the verge in Acacia Avenue, Bury St Edmunds, if there is nowhere nearby where he can park on tarmac.

But he says the mud hole in the verge is now three or four inches deep and has been made worse by delivery vans being parked there to avoid blocking the narrow street.

“It really has become a trip hazard and it’s very untidy,” he said. “I mentioned it when we first moved in two-and -a-half years ago, but it’s got worse.

“In some places round here they’ve put a plastic mesh in the verge, so it can be parked on. I’d like them to do that here.”

A spokesperson for Suffolk County Council said it planned to ‘harden’ some of the verges on the Mildenhall Road estate, including outside Mr Mitchell’s home. But she added: “We are currently assessing the potential impact on underground services within these verges from the work we are proposing.”