Factory to make robotic mowers

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ROBOTIC lawn-mowers will soon be rolling off the production line at the Bosch factory in Stowmarket, it has been announced.

The Bosch Group in the UK, which last year saw its sales increase by 8.4 per cent to 2.2 billion euros, has revealed plans to explore new business opportunities.

The lawn and garden products falls with the company’s consumer goods and building technology sector, an area which the company says it ‘has felt the difficulties of the UK economy’.

But it is also a sector which Bosch says has ‘the largest opportunity for growth’.

Peter Fouquet, president of Bosch UK, said: “We see a strong growth opportunity for robotic applications in the consumer market.

“We will soon start producing robotic lawn-mowers at our UK factory in Stowmarket.”

He said its home appliances were pioneering and setting standards worldwide. Among those, standards was the record for the most efficient washer-dryer in 2011.

It is now 81 years since Bosch began manufacturing in the UK, which is Bosch’s sixth biggest market.

It now operates 36 UK sites employing 4,300 people.

It also specialises in automotive technology, which accounts for nearly half of its sales – among this is the development of fuel efficiency and safety products.

Bosch UK designs and manufactures parts for the industrial technology sector including hydraulic motors for fork lift trucks.

As well as this, the firm has long-term plans to become one of the leading contenders in the renewable energy market.

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