Development policy delay

A joint development policy, which will be used to determine planning applications in Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury, has been delayed.

The delay, to further examine sustainability, is expected to take four months. Both councils will use their existing policies in the interim.

A council spokesperson said: “Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury are pioneers as we are working together to align the way we take development control decisions.

“We are looking to take decisions based on policies which are consistently applied across West Suffolk and creating the Joint Development Management Policies – Submission Document is a massive piece of very detailed work which will need approval from the independent Planning Inspectorate.

“As part of that process we sought expert legal opinion and the advice is that we need to do a bit more work on one technical aspect around sustainability – checking that we have fully tested every option.

“We believe that it is worth taking that extra time, estimated at around four months, to do this because it will add to the final quality of the document – the first of its kind in the country.”