Councils’ joint priorities ‘woolly bland platitudes’

West Suffolk House
West Suffolk House

‘Woolly’ plans outlining the priorities of Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury councils have been sent back to the drawing board.

Forest Heath District Council and St Edmundsbury Borough Council have been working to outline shared priorities and a mutual financial strategy.

The documents went before the overview and scrutiny committees of the two councils on Wednesday.

Borough councillor Jim Thorndyke said: “There’s a lot of statements here that have absolutely no meaning what so ever because there’s no meat on them.”

Cllr Michael Jefferys said: “Here are some woolly bland platitudes.”

The priorities listed are increasing opportunities for economic growth, creating resilient families that are healthy and active and providing better housing.

Davina Hawes, head of policy, strategy, communications and customers, told the meeting that the plan set out priorities and further documents including Vision 31 outlined how they would be achieved.

Rachel Mann, head of resources and performance, told councillors they were in a ‘new world’ and would need to look at options such as borrowing to invest in their districts.

Councillors said the documents failed to give examples and were not accessible.

The committee voted for changes to be made and for them to be brought back before them.