Councillor says sad state of road names is a sign of the times

A street sign in need of a clean
A street sign in need of a clean

The public has been asked to report road name signs in need of care because councils have no maintenance budget for them.

Residents complained to Bury St Edmunds councillors over the worn and dirty state of road names.

County and borough councillor David Nettleton said road name plates are the responsibility of borough and district councils while traffic signs are county council Highways Department.

He said the St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath highways officer cleans any she sees, while street cleaners may also do the same.

But he added: “The resources aren’t there to do the job properly any more.

“Going back 10 years there would have been a routine maintenance programme for this and things like trees.

“Members of the public can report it to the council, but they often don’t know which one. If it’s not done, tell their councillor.”

A West Suffolk spokeswoman said: “We are increasingly working towards a single ‘front door’, and certainly the tests we have just run on reporting a problem with a street name signs were correctly dealt with.”

Report street signs in St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath on 01284 757372 or