Council repaints disused bus stop, again...

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A COUNCIL has ‘wasted time and resources’ by repainting a bus stop in Bury St Edmunds which has not been used for more than five years.

Margaret and Brian Davies watched with interest as a disused bus stop near their home on the Howard Estate, where they have lived for around eight years, was repainted.

“I got excited because I thought they were going to bring the bus stop back, but that was just wishful thinking,” said Mrs Davies, 71.

A yellow border has been painted on the road in front of the unused stop in St Olaves Road and the words ‘bus stop’ painted inside of it.

Mr Davies, 84, said: “One of the reasons we chose this house is because Margaret doesn’t drive, but within weeks of moving here they moved the bus route.”

“They’ve redecorated it twice, even though they took the shelter away.”

He said at least two men and a lorry were involved in the unnecessary work, at the expense of taxpayers.

“I thought to myself, I can’t believe it – it makes you wonder in how many other places this is happening,” he added.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council said: “We asked our contractors to paint everything that looked like it needed painting in that zone. We hadn’t picked up on this but it won’t happen again.”

She said it had cost £20.