Council job cuts save £1.2 million

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TWO district councils have axed more than 30 management staff to make an estimated £1.2 million in savings.

Mid Suffolk District Council and Babergh District Council have merged teams, reducing the number of managers from 81 to 46.

Last year, residents voted against a complete merger, between the two councils but some services have been integrated to cut costs.

Both councils need to find a further £3.5 million of savings each over the next three years.

Tim Passmore, Leader of Mid Suffolk District Council, said: “What we must do now is rethink our priorities.

“The next phase of our development will provide the basis for the council’s innovative responses both to the challenges of continuing public sector financial cutbacks and the opportunities presented by new and more flexible ways working for communities.

“For me, the economy is key.

“We need to decide what we can do to support its recovery here in Suffolk.”

Cllr Jennie Jenkins, chairman of the strategy committee at Babergh, said: “Local councils will need to find ever-increasing savings for at least the next 10 years.

“What is clear is while continuing with our drive for greater integration and efficiencies will help is meet this challenge, we will need to fundamentally rethink what we do and how we do it. We need to become smarter at what we do.”

She added: “I am also confident that we will find things that we can do together with our Mid Suffolk colleagues whilst at the same time retaining our unique identities.”