‘Compromise’ solution to clamp down on ‘inconsiderate’ parking in streets around West Suffolk Hospital

Barons Road
Barons Road
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Council bosses have reached a ‘compromise’ solution to clamp down on ‘inconsiderate parking’ on streets around West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds.

Suffolk County Council is offering affected residents the chance to have an H bracket painted across their drive to stop motorists parking outside. Meanwhile, double and single yellow lines will be installed in several streets where there is a consistent problem.

It follows a divided response to a consultation with more than 800 homes in the area over plans for a two hour parking ban in the middle of the day.

More than half responded to a questionnaire with concerns about people parking too close or across drives and at junctions as well as on both sides of the road.

However, there was not enough support for the ban.

County Cllr Sarah Stamp, who represents the Hardwick division, said: “It’s a complex situation and there simply isn’t a quick fix.

“The issue has always been that people are parking inconsiderately and this will stop that where it’s a really key issue. The H marking is a good compromise.”

“On balance I’m pleased action is being taken. I do understand it’s only part of the wider solution.”

Cllr Stamp said she will continue to speak to the hospital about their park and ride scheme and look at what needs to be done to extend public transport provision in the area.

Cllr Graham Newman, the authority’s cabinet member for roads and transport, said: “The response rate to this consultation was very good and showed the level of concern the parking generates.

“We hope these initiatives will tackle many of the problems experienced by residents.”

Double yellow lines will be installed in Barons Road, Hardwick Park Gardens and Home Farm Lane while single yellow lines will be set up in Laundry Lane, Lincoln Green, Salisbury Green and Rembrandt Way. For an H bracket, residents should contact west.area@suffolk.gov.uk