Community group looks to set up Bury St Edmunds foodbank for people struggling to afford to eat

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A community group is looking to set up a foodbank for Bury St Edmunds to help meet a growing number of people struggling to afford to eat.

“There are people on the estate who are finding it difficult and I have had people come to me asking for help with their food and electricity,” he said.

“One came to me – she was freezing cold because she had no electricity and her benefits had been stopped.

“It is a sign of the times I’m afraid, but there are people interested in helping us get that set up.”

Plans for the foodbank were discussed at a meeting of HEART on Monday night.

Cllr Bob Cockle, who represents the ward on St Edmundsbury Borough Council, said: “I attended the meeting and there was a great deal of enthusiasm for this.”

During his time as borough mayor in 2008/09, Cllr Cockle helped raise funds for the foodbank in Haverhill, and he welcomed the latest proposals to set up a similar organisation in Bury.

“Even in these modern days when we can send a rocket to the moon, it is quite surprising how many people find it hard to make ends meet.

“They can pay their bills but don’t have enough for food,” said Cllr Cockle who is also chairman of Bury Town Council.

“The amazing thing is that it is not just the elderly people that are going hungry – it is some of the younger people as well.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Suffolk County Cllr Mark Ereira also backs the idea and said he would give money from his locality budget for the set up costs.