Colourful art hits the street

Thetford was awash with colour as youngsters celebrated the achievements of Team GB at the Olympics.

The Street Art comes to Thetford event took place on Wednesday and yesterday and was organised by Terry Jermy, Keystone Development Trust community and youth project worker, with the aim of getting young people and families involved in art.

Kevin Parker, a Norwich artist, created the design and sprayed the outline on the Market Place and the gaps were painted.

Mr Jermy said: "It was a great chance for children to do something fun and creative in the town during the summer break."

Ruby Miller, nine, of St John's Way, said: "It's fun doing the painting and we are working in a team," while Amy Meardon, 10, of Churchill Road, said: "It's quite tough to keep it neat but I am enjoying it and it will look good when it is finished."

The painting will be on view until Sunday, when it will be removed with pressure washers.


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