Climate change campaigners protest at RAF Mildenhall

Climate change campaigners have staged a demonstration outside RAF Mildenhall.

About 10 protesters - members of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and Theatre of War - arrived outside the base's main gate at 11.30am.

The group, some dressed as military aircraft and car salesmen, said they wanted to raise awareness of the large CO2 emissions they say are created by US Air Force planes.

Protester Mell Harrison, 37, claimed a single KC135 plane used 44 gallons of fuel per minute, emitting approximately the same amount of CO2 as 2,000 cars.

She said: "You rarely hear about the vast amount of CO2 emitted by the military and, when all should be accountable for their carbon footprint, now is the time to put efforts and resources into tackling climate change, not fighting wars over oil resources."