CEOs face creepy crawly jungle perils

Colin Roberts (arc centre manager), Paul Moreton (MD and Colin Knight (Ashton KCJ)
Colin Roberts (arc centre manager), Paul Moreton (MD and Colin Knight (Ashton KCJ)
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Chief executives faced some creepy crawly perils of the jungle ahead of a fund-raising challenge in aid of St Nicholas Hospice Care.

Three participants of ‘I’m a CEO ... Get Me Out of Here’ were given a taste of the challenges in store when they were introduced to Matilda the royal python, several Madagascan hissing cockroaches and two giant African millipedes.

They will join seven other chief executives who will brave the initiative on April 17 at Bishops Farm, in Bradfield St Clare, which includes eating challenges, a farmyard driving test and bug-related trials.

The bravest of the bunch will be crowned King or Queen of the Mud and each participant has to raise £1,000 for the hospice.

During the taster last week, Paul Moreton, of allowed Matilda to wind around his neck while cockroaches crawled on his head. Colin Roberts, of the arc shopping centre and Colin Knight, of Ashton KCJ were introduced to the cockroaches. They were supplied by Weeting firm Jurassic Encounters.

Claire Butler, hospice major gifts manager, said: “Those taking part in I’m a CEO are in for some unexpected trials, so it was great to see how our three guinea pigs reacted – they might be able to face anything in the boardroom but the cockroaches and millipedes were not very popular. I think we will have a lot of fun on the day, but hopefully also raise £10,000 for the hospice. Those funds are vital, because they will enable us to continue to help supporting people facing long term and life-threatening illnesses and make living with dying better.”