Car crashes into shops on Mildenhall high street

Car has crased into a shop on Mildenhall High Street
Car has crased into a shop on Mildenhall High Street
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A car narrowly missed a shop owner before ploughing into his carpet and flooring business, this morning.

Police were called to Mildenhall High Street after a red Skoda Octavia crashed into Rumbles Fish Bar and Mildenhall Carpet and Flooring at about 9am.

The female driver was unhurt, although an ambulance was called as a precaution.

Colin Bailey, owner of Mildenhall Carpet and Flooring said: “I were out the front here talking to someone and all of a sudden in the corner of my eye I saw the car come straight between us and hit the wall.”

Mr Bailey said his initial reaction was ‘disbelief’.

Police have said the car was removed at 3pm after the building was declared structurally safe.

Mr Bailey said his business, which has been on the high street for four years, would not be reopening today.

Steve Pearson, from Cherry Tree Butchers, which neighbours Mildenhall Carpet and Flooring, said: “We were working in the back room and heard this massive bang.

“The lady driver went inside the fish bar and she seemed a bit shaken but okay.”