Interview: CEO is local ingredient to international company

Daemmon Reeve
Daemmon Reeve
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From the fridge to the bathroom cabinet, dressing table and drinks cabinet - chances are most households will have come into contact with international ingredients company Treatt’s products.

Tucked away on the edge of Bury St Edmunds, the firm offers a true taste of Suffolk success and the group’s chief executive officer Daemmon Reeve says they are on track to meet expectations for the current financial year with plans to drive growth.

The Group, which is also based in Florida and has its organic cosmetic division in Kenya, is an ingredient solutions provider in the flavour, fragrance and cosmetic industries.

In an interview with the Bury Free Press, Mr Reeve, who is from Sudbury and has worked with the company for 23 years starting as a lab technician, said: “You won’t necessarily find the Treatt name on the consumer shelf but certainly you could well be touching a Treatt product in ingredient form everyday.”

Beverages play a large part and fragrances include alcoholic perfumery and cleaning products.

At the firm’s Bury site, in Northern Way, its base since 1971, chemists work to standardise some of variations in flavour in natural materials brought about by weather and climate conditions to provide consistency.

With about 170 staff, are there plans to expand the Bury base?

“We have to make intelligent investment decisions for all parts of our business at the appropriate time,” Mr Reeve said. “We would consider some re-engineering of our site here but it’s got to be the right time for all of our stakeholders.”

When asked about the company’s plans for future growth, he said: “We’re transitioning our business to move a little further up the value chain to be closer to some of our core consumer goods company customers. A lot of the ingredients we provide are solutions to some current needs they may have. For example, we’ve got products we’re selling to the wellness category for calorie reduced beverages.”

They are developing new flavours and ‘are at the core of product innovation’.

Meanwhile, the company, which was founded in 1886, is committed to its Suffolk links. Mr Reeve said: “We’ve a multi-talented team here and we’re a knowledge based industry so our foundations in Suffolk are very important to us.”