Engineering manager in Stowmarket wins industry title

Gary Higgins
Gary Higgins
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An engineering manager based in Stowmarket, has been named the first ever Engineer Surveyor of the year by a professional body.

The Bureau of Engineer Surveyors (BES) launched the award to promote the vital work done by engineer surveyors in encouraging safety in the workplace.

Their role is to examine equipment in factories, power stations, and manufacturing plants, to assess their safety and integrity.

Stowmarket based Gary Higgins, East Anglia regionals engineering manager for HSB Engineering Insurance Services won the award in recognition of his passion and commitment to the job.

Mr Higgins had previously worked as an equipment technician with the RAF before changing his career .

He said: “Engineer surveyors are conscientious professionals that ensure safety-critical engineering is maintained across a wide spectrum of industry. I am delighted to win this award.”

BES chairman Alan Fitzpatrick said: “Gary’s application highlighted his abilities as an engineer, a motivated leader and manager.”