Cornhill Walk - once heralded a ‘fashion Mecca’

Cornhill Walk

Cornhill Walk

People are being invited to take part in an interactive event featuring the unique piece of 80s architecture that is Cornhill Wallk.

Visitors to the event which links to the Concrete Spring Exhibition at Smiths Row are being invited to share their memories and contribute to its archive.

Entitled Things to do with Shopping Centres it runs on March 1 between 2pm and 6pm and has been organised by artist and architect Helen Stratford.

The glass covered mall which stands on the site of one of the town’s former cinemas has played host to a variety of events under the enthusiastic organisation of Chrissie Harrod.

It was Chrissie’s own scrapbooks which inspired Helen to put on the event which celebrates the everyday life of the town showcased at the centre and the behind the scenes day to day life there. Past events include beauty pageants, baby and toddler competitions, fashion shows, martial arts demos and celebrity appearances.

Helen said: “It’s really exciting to see how the building has been used over the years and how these different uses have exceeded anything the architect could have envisaged. Looking at the scrapbooks - a small selection of which will be on display during the afternoon, I realised that over the years, Cornhill Walk became a backdrop for many occasions in people’s everyday lives, it must have been in the papers every week, I wanted to make that visible and to think about it as an everyday landmark building.”

Chrissie, who has been managing the centre for 18 years, said: ”When we first started we had an absolute ball here with every single possible event you can think of. It’s been fantastic, It’s nice she wants to come in a pay a bit of a tribute to what we’ve done.”

The afternoon will feature guided tours from security guard Ed Vince who has worked there 19 years as well as tannoy announcements from Tony Kiter, also a security guard. These are based on research Helen has been doing with people working in Cornhill Walk. Tours will need to be booked by phoning 01284 762081.




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