Book helps workers form businesses

A SUFFOLK county councillor has penned a book to help public sector workers form their own businesses to sell services back to the public sector.

Cllr Craig Dearden-Phillips, who represents the Hardwick division, has written How To Step Out, which features the experiences and advice of 25 pioneeers.

The author runs a business Stepping Out to help public services become a social enterprise.

He produced the book with Mark Griffiths – an associate of Stepping Out. Cllr Dearden-Phillips said: “We think that staff-led businesses are a great alternative to privatisation or closure. As a county councillor, I am a director of the new traded services business which employs 200 staff and stepped out of the council this last year. I really support what the council is doing to encourage staff to run services.”

Anyone in the public sector thinking of setting up a business can order a free copy before the end of the year on