Ambulance Trust to recruit more staff and provide more ambulances in ‘turnaround’ plan

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The East of England Ambulance Service is to recruit more staff and provide more ambulances as part of a ‘turnaround’ plan to improve patient care.

The recruitment, reducing staff sickness and reducing the trust’s spend on private ambulances will allow the Trust to provide an extra 25 24/7 double staffed ambulances.

The Trust aims for a one per cent decrease in frontline sickness every month for six months from June.

It will also relaunch the emergency medical technician career pathway and develop ‘clear career pathways’ for frontline staff.

Andrew Morgan, interim chief executive, said: “We need to improve the service we give to patients and better support our dedicated and committed staff.

“In addition to recruiting more people and putting more vehicles on the road earlier this year, we have developed short and medium term actions and, coupled with our organisational development strategy to better empower staff, these will help to start to transform the service.

“Transforming the organisation will take time but we have the staff and the focus to turn things around together.”