Bond role is the ‘gift 
that keeps on giving’

Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dryholm in Love Is All You Need.  PA Photo/Arrow Films.
Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dryholm in Love Is All You Need. PA Photo/Arrow Films.
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Pierce Brosnan is suave (unarguably), sexy (immensely), successful (hugely). And right now I have his personal phone number – direct to his Hawaiian home.

The former Bond star has a cottage on the island of Kauai, well away from his main Californian home, where he can spend quality time with his wife Keely and their sons Dylan and Paris.

Answering on the second ring, he says in his unmistakably languid tones: “I’ve been living the life of Riley for the last eight months. I finished three movies back to back last year, so I’ve been home with the family since October.”

Brosnan, 59, who is promoting his role in Danish film-maker Susanne Bier’s part-Danish, part-English romantic drama Love Is All You Need, was recently pictured shirtless on the beach in grey shorts – and compared to TV mogul Simon Cowell.

Laughing, he says: “I haven’t seen them, but oh dear – poor Simon Cowell. At least it will all be wrapped in fish and chips tomorrow.”

Island life is an idyllic dream for the Irish-born actor and keen painter, who was raised in London.

“It’s one of those lovely luxuries that come with hard work and good timing. We always wanted to get away so we found this place – it’s a small three-bedroom cottage that sits right on the water’s edge,” he reveals.

In his latest role, Brosnan gives an acclaimed performance as widower and father-of-one Philip, whose life changes after he meets cancer survivor Ida (Trine Dyrholm).

He is the only non-Danish-speaker in the cast. “Danish is a very tricky language to get your tongue around, so to speak, and everyone speaks English. I only know ‘Du er smuk’, which means ‘you are beautiful’. That’s a good one to learn,” he says, with a chuckle.

Brosnan has personal experience of cancer, having lost his first wife Cassandra Harris to the disease in 1991. They’d married in 1980 and had a son, Sean, together in 1983.

“As a man who has gone through the rigours of loss and dealing with family, I guess there was something there I could draw on,” he says.

Despite having starred in 43 films, Brosnan says he’s proud of this project.

“It was a joy to film in Sorrento and make a piece which has a complexity that is pretty sophisticated compared to other fare,” he explains.

Of course, Bond will always be his most ‘significant’ role. Brosnan played the iconic MI6 agent for seven years, featuring in four films.

“That was, without a question, one of the most rewarding roles. That character, and the opportunities it gave one, is the gift that keeps giving, because once you’re a Bond, you’re a Bond for life,” he says.

Work aside, Brosnan sounds deliriously happy in his personal life. He met American journalist Keely in 1994 and they married in Ireland in 2001.

“She is the most beautiful woman and someone who has been my North Star for many a day and a year now. We just celebrated 19 years of life together,” he says.

Thankfully, she has no problem with her husband sharing screen time with the likes of Halle Berry, Meryl Streep and Sarah Jessica Parker.

“My wife is very cool. She calls it ‘legal cheating’,” says Brosnan. “She has a great sense of humour about it, a great sense of who she is as a woman and security and faith within me.”

His 29-year-old son Sean has followed in his film footsteps, and Brosnan says the younger boys have expressed interest too.

“It’s in the blood, it’s in the family. It’s fantastic,” he says.