Batteries, chargers and transformers stolen in Forest Heath

News from the Bury Free Press
News from the Bury Free Press
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Batteries, transformers and chargers have been stolen from locations in Forest Heath.

Industrial batteries were stolen from irrigation units in fields near Williams Way, West Row between 5.30pm on March 24 and 9am on March 27.

A car battery and charger were also taken from an office cabin in a field near The Street, Freckenham and three sets of batteries and transformers were stolen from electric fencing in a field off Newmarket Road, Worlington, sometime between 5pm Wednesday 26th and 8.30am Thursday 27th March.

Police have issued the following advice following the thefts:

Electric fencing, energising units and batteries are naturally vulnerable to theft due to the remote location they are frequently used.

If you are not using the unit and fencing for some time, e.g. over the winter months, remove it all and store in a secure place. At very least you should mark your energiser unit with your postcode by either engraving or using an indelible marker pen or paint.

It is possible to purchase a specialist box, which may be locked and electrified. To deter vandals and opportunistic thieves, the box can be connected to the energiser, making the energiser box itself live. Access to the box is gained using an insulated key, so you don’t have to give yourself a shock every time you wish to open it.

Calls relating to any of these incidents should be made to Suffolk Police on 101, reference: MH/14/504.