Auntie Pam’s launches not-so-sweet challenge

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A sweet shop in Bury St Edmunds has launched a not-so-sweet challenge.

Auntie Pam’s Sweet Shop, in the Traverse, is ‘daring’ visitors to take part in its mega sour challenge.

It involves putting two Barnets mega sour ‘plooms’ in your mouth and sucking them for at least 40 seconds.

The only catch is that you can’t pull a face or make a comment.

“It’s just about watching the expression of people’s faces,” said shop supervisor Sharon Thompson, who has seen grown men brought to tears by the inoffensive looking sweet.

“People think they can handle it and it’s not until they put them in their mouth that they realise just how sour they are,” she added.

Today, Bury Free Press reporters Laura Smith and Mark Beaumont decided to give the challenge a go.

Laura said: “The sweets are really sour but I didn’t mind that so much. What I found most difficult was keeping two in my mouth with all the extra saliva it was producing. I happily munched them both afterwards, but one at a time.”

Mark said: “I didn’t think the sweets were too bad - at first. I held them in my teeth and it wasn’t until our photographer said out time was up and I actually moved the sweets that I started to feel the burning sensation on my tongue.”

The name of anyone who successfully completes the challenge is proudly displayed on Auntie Pam’s wall of fame.

All the winning names will eventually be entered into a draw, with a jar of sweets up for grabs.

Mark’s and Laura’s names joined four others lucky enough to have made the wall of fame since the challenge was launched yesterday.

Of their effort, Mrs Thompson said: “I think they did very well. I was very impressed.”

The sweets cost 10p each.

To take part, visit the shop anytime between 9.30am-5pm Monday-Saturday and 11am-4pm on Sundays.