Arthur’s half moustache raises cash for charity

Arthur Diaper with half a moustache
Arthur Diaper with half a moustache
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A BUSINESSMAN attracted a fair share of attention after sporting half a moustache for his latest fund-raiser.

Arthur Diaper, a director in Diaper Poultry Ltd, in Haughley New Street, maintained the eye-catching half-handlebar ’tache for five weeks – raising more than £1,000 for armed forces charity Help for Heroes.

Arthur Diaper has his moustache shaved

Arthur Diaper has his moustache shaved

He had it shaved off at the King’s Head pub, in Hadleigh, last week.

The 59-year-old started growing the moustache last April and cut off half of it during a skiiing trip in January.

He said: “When I’ve been out and about in the supermarket I’ve had some funny looks from people.

“Some were brave enough to ask me about it and I told them that if they wanted to know then it would cost them.

“I’ve had pledges from companies and I hope to be in excess of £1,000.”

In a creative twist to cover up the missing half, Mr Diaper asked Frobishers hairdressers, in Stowmarket, to make him half a moustache to wear for certain occasions.

He has completed similar charity fund-raisers in the past.

About two years ago, he amassed £1,200 for Help for Heroes after keeping half a moustache for 24 days.

Mr Diaper has also collected more than £2,000 for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and Children in Need.