Action group in Bury St Edmunds to tackle fuel issues

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An action group is being formed in Bury St Edmunds with the aim of helping residents and businesses to be less dependant on oil.

More than 30 people attended the transition towns meeting at The Fox Inn on Tuesday (15) night.

The group will work on products to grow and sell local produce while also campaigning to get planning policies changed to force out of town retail developments to include renewable energy features and to allow those features, such as solar panels in the conservation area.

John Taylor, community adviser for the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership, said: “Oil and fossil fuels are an amazing substance that allow us to do so many things.

“But it is actually quite a vulnerable way of living. Our whole economy relies on petrol and oil to deliver food and get to work.”

He said the transition towns movement was about putting in resilience so that when this resource is unavailable, our society and economy are able to carry on functioning.

A brainstorming session included suggestions for a scheme which will see people who have but cannot manage their gardens let others grow fruit and vegetables on their land and the development of solar panel farms.

The meeting was organised by Green Party Cllr Mark Ereira who represents Bury on Suffolk County Council.

“I am delighted with the turnout, the ideas and the enthusiasm. There was a will to take practical action to take this forward. This has really captured community spirit,” he said.