Abbeygate’s army fights commission

Sarah Birrell sent 800 emails ''Picture: Justine Ferrari Photography
Sarah Birrell sent 800 emails ''Picture: Justine Ferrari Photography
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Cinema fans are bombarding the Competition Commission with emails in support of Cineworld’s keeping Abbeygate Picturehouse.

After investigating Cineworld’s takeover of City Screen, who own the Picturehouse chain, the commission said last week that it may order the company to sell one of its cinemas in Bury St Edmunds. It felt Cineworld’s lack of competition might result in price increases.

Abbeygate’s manager Pat Church urged customers to respond to the commissin’s request for feedback.

Abbeygate fan Sarah Birrell from Great Saxham did just that and did not stop there.

“I’ve probably sent about 800 to 900 emails asking people to do it and they’ve emailed their friends,” she said. “I’ve got my grandchildren putting it on Facebook.”

She added: “They might sell a fantastic amenity in the centre of town. The staff have been there years The service is exemplary.”

Jane McAusland travels there from Old Newton near Stowmarket and urged people to write to the commission.

“It’s nothing to do with money, it’s what they’re showing,” she said. “It’s a completely different thing to Cineworld.”

The commission’s report is at and views can be emailed to