Headlines from the past

Nostalgia for Laura.
Nostalgia for Laura.
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These headlines appeared in the Bury Free Press on this week in years gone by.

10 years ago:

The notorious A11 Tuddenham junction was set to close for good in a bid to end the carnage on the road. Safety plans released by the Highways Agency proposed closing the deadly blackspot and enforcing a 50mph speed limit in the area. The announcement came four months after the Bury Free Press’ hard-hitting safety campaign secured £30,000 to improve the infamous crossing. Campaigners and relatives of those killed at the junction welcomed the news, which could be started at the end of March.

25 years ago:

Two red old-fashioned telephone boxes in Bury St Edmunds were granted Grade II preservation orders. Sited at Angel Hill and Churchgate, they were designed by Sir Giles Gilbert in 1936. Referred to as a K6 or Jubilee Telephone Kiosk, they were selected from 50,000 traditional red units still in operation. In total, only 1,000 were being listed by English Heritage and the Department of the Environment.

50 years ago:

After reading that pennies minted in 1951 were worth as much as £3 8s each - because the bulk of the 1951 issue went to Bermuda and only about £5 worth stayed in England - Tuddenham licensee’s wife, M H Piper, searched the pub till and found one. According to some speculators, it could one day have been worth £200.